Development for your organization!

Do you have friction and discord amongst your staff?

Do you have a team in need of an energy boost and want to enhance their collaboration and output?

Do you want outstanding, life-changing leadership development for your managers who are already doing a great job? 

Do you want your management team to find a clear focus, new creative ideas and enhanced collaboration to get the job done on time and achieve the key result?  

We train and coach leaders and individuals to engage with a spirit of collaboration, find new creative solutions to obstacles, problems and challenges, and find new levels of clarity, flow and engagement to achieve the right result. 

Development for yourself!

Are you overwhelmed and stressed at work? Are you bombarded by emails, requests for meetings, and constant distractions? Is your calendar double- booked most of the time? 

Do you find yourself working through lunch times, late into the evenings and sometimes at weekends?  

Does your family complain that you are not ‘present with them’ even when you are home in the evenings and weekends?

Do you wake up at night with a busy mind trying to find solutions for the challenges at work?

Do you think to yourself – ‘how long do I have to live like this’? 

You are not alone… We have helped tens of thousands of leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, academics and professionals to get more done and eliminate stress and overwhelm.

We know it is possible to create sustainable shifts in your life, we have see the results 1000’s of times.

It is possible for you to have peace of mind, experience totally new levels of results, and reclaim your life outside of work because you and your family deserve it. 

Training, coaching and organisational development.

Hi, I am Wilhelm Hast. I founded HAST Utveckling company in 2001. My ambition continues to be to offer training and coaching that create real shifts for people – shifts in their ability to lead themselves and others, and get real results every day. 

Over the years, my team and I have delivered several thousand days of training, and every week I meet people who share their results with me about how it made a real and impactful difference for themselves and their organisations. 

I am very proud of the excellent and professional team I have created at HAST Utveckling to meet your needs, and help you get the real results and shifts you need in your organisation.

Every day, we create opportunity for shifts for hundreds of people through our trainings, seminars and with coaching.

I invite you to see these real results for your yourself. Take the next step by filling in the contact form below. We love to have explorative conversation to see how we can partner with you to create real and sustained transformation and results for your leaders and teams. 

Let's go!
A short personal greeting where founder and CEO, Wilhelm Hast talks about what is his passion and the power of honest conversations.

Telling the Truth

Why does that matter? 

This is not just a nice tagline.

This is a leveraged way of life that we live at HAST, and we have seen that is a vital key to achieve real results and lasting shifts in people, teams and organisations.

Telling the truth about the facts helps your teams see what is working and what is not working, and our part in that situation, without blame. 

Telling the truth around your feelings wakes people up to ‘being stuck’, to their blindspots, and to the blame-game, where things simply do not move.  

Telling the truth about our what our focus has been opens up new possibilities and we can shift to a new focus and find creative solutions, experience new levels of clarity and move to achieve results.  

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